Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm a planner, not a fighter...

Well, ok, I'm a fighter when I'm not able to plan the way I like. Now, I'm not compulsive about it or anything, but, for example, if I have a trip coming up, I like the details mapped out. I want to know that we have a hotel room set up, that the flight has been booked, what day we are leaving, what day we are coming back...

A perfect example is my son's birthday. Last year for his first birthday we did Super Mario Bros (an homage to my childhood). I had the theme picked out before he was born... Sad, I know. But the worst part is that while I was planning that one, I was already tossing up ideas for his 2nd birthday (and I wonder why it's going by so fast). Monkeys or Muppets? Muppets or Monkeys? So I force my preferences on my son, he's not old enough to decide yet, so he gets the birthday's I never had... I figure I have plenty of years to give him the birthdays that he wants. (Ughhh... I dread the days where he will  beg of mass marketed movie or TV birthday themes... No offense if you like those, just not my cup of tea.)

Monkeys, by the way, that's what I chose for birthday #2... "Monkey See, Monkey Do, Little Moose, is turning 2!"

Back to planning, one of the things that drives me the most crazy (one on a very long list), is to know something is coming up, and not being able to plan properly. I want all my ducks in a row.... I want all my bags packed.... At the very least a rough time-line will do, but to have nothing.... UGH.... murder for me. I mean I can be as spontaneous as the next gal, but for matters of big things, I want a plan.

When I was pregnant with my son, I remember thinking "When can I find out what I am having? 18 weeks! Sweet!! What? My next appointment isn't until I'm 22 weeks? Well can't we schedule early?" Boo... I didn't like that at all. Once I found out? I was buying paint, picking out fabric so my mom could make his quilt, registering at baby stores, emptying out the room that would be his room... I love my friends who waited to see what they were having, but I couldn't have done it. Planning makes me feel good... makes me feel in control and everyone knows that I'm all about control!
Here's his room :)

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