Sunday, August 21, 2011

What fictional character would you want to be?

Shameless confession....

I want to be Melinda Gordon.

So... I'm a dork, I know this, but Ghost Whisperer is my guilty pleasure and I love Melinda Gordon. I am addicted to watching reruns on Ion Television and WE TV. Except for the whole talking to dead people thing, she is everything I aspire to be. Ahh.... Maybe some things are better left unsaid! I know what you are thinking... LAME! I agree, but Jennifer Love Hewitt is beautiful and in this show she has the most amazing wardrobe, hair and make up.

I want to live in the adorable little town of Grandview, where everything is within walking distance. I want to own my own little store (maybe not antiques, maybe a cupcake shop or coffee shop) where it's never really busy and I can close up whenever I want, but it is profitable none the less. I want my wonderful best friends to live in the same town as me and we get together all the time.

I want a gorgeous 2 story house on a quaint little street where all of my neighbors know and love me. I to be able to see the seasons change, but where it never snows and is always beautiful out.

Most importantly, I want her wardrobe, shoes, make-up, hair and waistline. I can be a tad vain... :) (insert sarcasm font)

In conclusion, the fictional character I would choose to be is Melinda Gordon. I'd love to hear who you all would choose... Talk to me!

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  1. Jen, you're setting the women's movement back a hundred years! hahaha