Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Goodbye stitches, hello screams...

Today was the day, the day the stitches come out.

I have been dreading this day because I knew that getting the stitches was not fun at all so I sorta had a feeling that this would not be a pleasurable experience either. I was also really worried for Moose. I didn't know if it would hurt him, if he would freak out or what.

So I got off work at 1:30 and went to my moms to pick him up. I walked in about 10 minutes til 2:00 and my mom was in the room where Moose naps. I said "Great, did he just wake up?" She looked at me (seemly exhausted herself) and said "No, I was just about to put him down, we just got home." "Hmm....," I said, "that won't work, his appointment is a t 3:15pm and I have to stop by the real estate office on my way there. So basically, we need to leave now."

Ugh... no nap... Now, don't get me wrong, Moose is an amazing kid, but no nap and having someone tug at thread connected to a "booboo" on his lip did not seem like a good combination. But, ohhh, I had no other option, so we loaded up and headed out.

You know what they call a doctor who had a C average, right? Doctor!
We get to the doctors office at 3:05, the appointment is for 3:15, perfect! Just in time.

Yea, just in time to wait. Stupid doctors office. So generally when I make an appointment for him, I ask for any doctor except for Dr. Soandso. I forgot to do that ans she was the only one in today. Booo... After an hour of waiting in the waiting room (with loud, unsupervised 5 & 7 year olds, mind you), we were finally called back. More waiting... Seriously? There was one person before me, what is taking so long?

Did I mention my son is exhausted? The doctor eventually decided to grace us with her presence for a grand total of 1.5 minutes. Here is how it went:

She said "He has stitches?"
I said "Yes".
She said "When did he get them?"
I said "Friday at 10:30pm"
She said "Let me see them." (looks at his face, he starts crying, she looks frustrated)
She said "Ok the nurse will be in in a minute to take them out."

What?? Really? All of that for her to send the nurse in to do it? Thank you very much Dr. Stupidhead.

The nurse comes in and he has me lay Moose down and hold his arms. My heart breaks because he looks at me with those big, beautiful, brown eyes and has a look of sheer terror. Stop! Don't do it! Can't the stitches stay in forever? We could come up with a creative way to explain it to people... (again, sarcasm)

But, no, they must come out.

Now, I have been fortunate enough not to have stitches at an age that I can remember, but I will say it looked painful. My poor baby. At least it only took about 2 minutes and we were done. Thankfully!

Almost instantly, the tears stopped, Moose "high-fived" the nurse and said "Tank ooo" (Thank You). I have such a polite little boy... :)
Stitch free! A little medicine for good measure!

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