Saturday, August 13, 2011

Not good in an emergency...

I, apparently, am not good in an emergency, so don't call me. 

Unfortunately, I found this out the hard way.

Let me paint the picture for you...
I love food... pretty much all things food (except scary food... i.e. bugs, oysters, bananas) and my husband is very meat and potatoes. So when I found a friend that I could share this love with, I was super excited. Last Saturday night Lacey came over and I prepared a delicious spread of food for her that my hubby would have turned his nose up to had I told him I was fixing it. (BTW, Jon tried and liked everything that I fixed...) Anyway, she wanted to return the favor and since her husband is alot like mine in that respect, she was just as excited! All week I was so looking forward to Friday night which was only intensified when she texted me the menu (Brie and red pepper jelly in puff pastry, bruschetta, brie and pear in phyllo cups, a cheese tray, danishes, chips and an assortment of dips).
Friday was a busy day. Up at 6:30am. I got showered, dressed my son, got myself ready, fed Moose (my son) breakfast and headed to my sisters house. I dropped Moose off and headed to work. I left work at 12:30 and met my sister and dad at Red Robin (Yummmm) for my dads b-day lunch. After my yummy southwest salad, we headed over to see "Rise of the Planet of the Apes". (Not bad but the CG in some areas could have been better.) After the movie, I headed to my moms to pick up Moose. We then headed to the mall playground to have a playdate with Gigi and Liam. The boys had a blast and Liam found love...
After our playdate, Moose and I left to pick up Jon so that we could head to our much anticipated dinner. We traveled the 30 minutes to Lacey's house and unloaded. It was right about 6:30 and we walked in the house and it smelled amazing, fresh baked pastry, yummo! The spread was everything I dreamed it would be... sweet deliciousness...

We ate and talked and laughed, all was right in the world, at least, for about 40 minutes.

Moose was dancing and spinning. I turned my head to say something to Jon and turned my head back right as Moose's head slammed against the edge of the coffee table. AHHHHHH! Silence, then screaming. Me? Blubbering idiot. I wasn't crying, mind you. Just could not talk or think. Lacey was handing me paper towels, Jon was asking if he was alright and I think all I actually verbalized was "I, uh, I don't, uh, oh my, I don't know". Jon rushed us into the bathroom to get into better light and all I could do was look at the gaping hole in my son's lip. At that point, Jon decided that he probably needed stitches and Anthony said we could follow him to the hospital. Moose talked the whole way there, like nothing was wrong. What a strong little boy.

After 3 and 1/2 hours, we left with a very tired Moose and 3 stitches. All I can say is, Moose did amazing. I was so fearful of how he would react to being swaddled and restrained, but he was so good, crying only a little. I am so thankful. I have to say I was completely nauseous (especially with the smell of the laytex gloves wafting up my nose) and Jon was light headed, but we made it through.
The car ride home was hilarious... I'm guessing that he was feeling pretty good from the lydocaine because he was quite the chatty one. "Mommy, my lip hurt coffee table" "Mommy, saw a docker" "Grrrrrrrrrrr" "Hee heee heee heee". All I can say is I am glad he was in a good mood at 11:30 at night!

Moral to the story? Got an emergency? Don't call me... I apparently become mute.


  1. You were not that bad. But I promise when Ethan goes through an ordeal like that I'll call you after we've got it all settled up.

  2. I'm glad you thought I did ok! I feel like I didn't add much to the situation! We need a make up date!