Saturday, March 17, 2012

Reflection of a day well spent...

It's late, and I'm sitting on my couch, typing and enjoying a delicious cup of choffy lightly sweetened and with a hint of hazelnut creamer, ahhh words can't describe. (Yes, you heard me right, choffy, it is an amazing chocolate drink that is brewed like coffee, only it's ground cocoa beans instead of coffee beans) Choffy is a new obsession of mine. I tend to get new obsessions often, but generally they are short lived. (There was that whole Crystal Pepsi obsession in the early 90's.) Anyway, bottom line it that choffy is amazing, it is however, expensive and the only reason I actually have some in the house is because my mom couldn't drink it (heartburn) so I won the choffy lottery!

As I sit here, basking in choffy goodness (ok, I'll stop raving about the wonderfulness that is choffy, now), I'm reflecting on the day I had.

This is not what my pancakes look like...
My niece stayed with us last night, so when we woke up I had to (yes, had to, she's a feisty one, I'm afraid to tell her no) fix oatmeal pancakes (her very favorite breakfast). Inevitably, when I make pancakes, the first two turn out great, the middle two or three are burnt around the edges and the last two are perfect. I don't know why it happens that way and no matter what I do, I can't change it. so, burnt pancakes for me and perfect ones for the kiddos.

Then I had a much needed conversation with one of my very best friends, Sarah (I feel like I am lucky enough to say that I have several friends that are amazing and are all the best in their own ways). As weird as it sounds, she is one of the main reasons that I have Moose. She changed how I felt about having kids and we were lucky enough to have each other to lean on throughout our whole pregnancies (her son was born a month after Moose). The crazy thing is that even though we are separated by many states and about 18 hours, we still talk like there is no distance. The last few weeks have been ridiculously hectic and I haven't be able to talk to her as much so it was so nice to catch up and unload to each other.

Picnic time
After that, I had the bright idea of taking Moose and Oowa (my niece) to the park for a picnic. The best part of my idea was for us to walk. "It's not that far, it's basically the route I run, so it's not bad." Two miles later we arrived at the park and my 34lb toddler now felt like a 50lb sack of potatoes in the stroller (did I mention that the tires needed air?). We ate our crackers and our PBJ's and re-hydrated from our walk and off they went to play. I sat in the cool shade and just relished the quite time with my legs touched by the warmth of the sun. After about an hour and a half, they were ready to go (and by they, I mean Oowa, I told you, I can't tell her no).

We pack up the stroller and get ready to head out. Oowa (a 53lb, 11 year old) climbs into the stroller and has Moose (a 34lb toddler) climb up on her lap. Hmmm.... ok, so now I have a 87lb sack of potatoes in a stroller with flat tires, "who's idea was this?" Did I mention that this is a jogging stroller with a non-swivel wheel?

40 minutes later we made it home, exhausted, all of us. Moose napped, Oowa rested on the couch and I did some work on our couponing website.

We had pizza and wings for dinner (not the healthiest of choices, but I was tired, get off my back...)

Overall, it was a great day and the weather was perfect!

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