Monday, March 19, 2012


I've mentioned that a friend and I have started our own couponing website. It's a totally free site that is dedicated to helping real people save real money. We take most of the work out of it for you!

We aren't those crazy "extreme" couponers. We teach real world couponing (free classes available in central Florida).

I don't have a crazy stockpile that is taking over Moose's bedroom, my husband isn't having to sleep on boxes of cereal. I buy what I need and what I'll use (and if I get something for free or super cheap that I don't need, I can pass it to someone else who may need it). I have found that I am saving about $80 a week and with me only working part time, that is a HUGE help. My mom is saving about $100 a week. That's $400 a month! Crazy!
$31.98 paid for $109.10 in groceries!
That's an example of a trip I made last week, 71% saved! Not too shabby!

Anyway, just wanted to share. Check it out if you get a chance!

To the Moon and Back,

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