Saturday, February 25, 2017

This thing called parenting

Moose is almost 7 & 1/2 and Junior is 19 months. Now I know that in the grand scheme of things, that's not very old but to me, it is and it just keeps flying by.

The thing about parenting is, it sucks. And I don't mean it sucks in the sense of "oh my gosh, I hate being a parent", though I guess there are those out there who think that. I mean that it sucks in the sense that you nurture and grow this amazing being for 9 moths where you are solely responsible for everything, and then boom it's born and the end goal is for him or her to move out and be independent. As much as I know that the boys can't live with me forever, part of me would be ok if they did.... I know, cheesy... I'm "that" mom, super sappy, cry about first hair cuts, mom.

But they are my boys! I'm not one of those parents who wish away the time or any of the stages. For example, Junior has been a handful the last few days because he teething. Do I kind of want to strangle him? Maybe. Do I just want him to stop whining? Pretty much! But do I wish he was past this phase? Definitely not. I hear you sighing out there thinking "yea, right, Jen. Whatever." Bu I am serious. If I wish this phase away, no matter how unbearable the day may be, then he's one phase closer to the "moving out" phase and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I'll never be ready for that.

My oldest has a crush (don't tell him I told you) and my youngest had his first hair cut today (he may or may not have a toddler mullet, but pick on him and you'll meet mama bear, real quick. This may be the topic for a blog post all by itself) and I just want to know where the pause button is. Thankfully, my oldest still snuggles with me and tells me things like "mama, you are the best mana ever, I would never trade you!"

21 Day update: More prep work today. I made up a cabbage and bok Choy slaw with a sesame dressing. It was good, but I think it will be better after it sits overnight. I also made homemade beef jerky which turned out great! Lastly, I made some apple streusel egg muffins. The hubby and Moose loved them. I'm sure Junior will love them, he eats pretty much everything. Looking forward to starting Monday, but afraid of failing. I do all the cooking and prep so I feel like if we fail, it will be my fault. I so want this to work.

to the moon and back,

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