Thursday, September 26, 2013

Irrationally Emotionally Attached

This is how I feel every time I look in my closet or dresser. I hate everything in both of them... except that super cute new dress and pants from BFree Clothing.

Everything is mediocre and nothing makes me feel very put together. One quarter of it is ill-fitting and makes me looks homeless, one quarter makes me feel old, another quarter is yoga pants and t-shirts that I wear for work and the last quarter may not even be from this decade... (This doesn't include my shoes, some of those are pretty fabulous.)

Here's the bad part... I can not seem to part ways with any of it. Stupid clothes and my stupid irrational emotional attachment to them.

This is what happens, I try on numerous items, hate all of them, curse at my closet, vow to purge all of it's contents, pull an item off the hanger, aim for the trash bag and all of a sudden I am riddled with guilt. Then I start thinking, "Oh, it's not that bad, I'll wear it again one day." or "but I can't toss this, I remember buying it to wear to my husband's co-workers wedding." or "but I bought this when we were on a cruise in the Key's when I was 20lbs lighter and It might fit again one day."

Oh, then there are my jeans... the ill-fitting ones. The ones that after about 30 minutes of wear give me that ever attractive droopy butt and those other ones with the hole in the knee (not for fashion, but from actual wear) and all 3 pairs (yes, I only have 3 pairs, I'm terrible at buying jeans that fit right) look like I am carrying my cell phone in my back pocket at all times (even when I'm not).

I'm also attached to a too small t-shirt that says "8675309", but I have to keep that, right? Because my name is Jen, get it? Ah, forget it. My wardrobe is helpless.

The worst part, is I don't even know how to shop or where to shop anymore. I feel like I'm too old to shop at some places but definitely too young for others.

I just want Melinda Gordon's closet...

First world problems, I know. I should just feel blessed to have clothes on my back...

to the moon and back,

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  1. Girl, I'm dragging you out and going shopping soon! You need it ;)