Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Letters from a Wanna-Be Runner

See what I did there? Pretty clever, huh??

While you run, do you write imaginary letters to people, places, and/or things? No? Is it just me then? Hmm, ok, well, it makes the time go by faster for me. So here are just a few of letters I wrote in my head tonight as I ran...
By the way, as I am writing these letters in my head, I picture them being written down using a fancy pen and calligraphy.

  • Dear Old, Beat-Up, Broke Down Chevy Pick-Up:
    Thank you for spewing that thick cloud of black smoke for me to inhale. My run wasn't quite challenging enough.
    *cough cough*
  • Dear Extremely In-Shape Old Dude Who Lapped Me Like 20 Times:
    Quit showing off...
    Dying over here
  • Dear Shadow (yes, my own shadow):
    Pick up the pace. You seem to be moving at a much slower pace that I am.
    Apparently, I'm Barely Moving
  • Dear God of the Shoelace:
    While I'm upset that you allowed my shoe to come untied, I thank you for watching over me as I was running down the bridge and not letting me trip and tumble head over heals to my all but certain death.
    Almost Falling for You
  • Dear Technology:
    What have I ever done to you? I have been nothing, if not nice to you. I always charge my phone and try to shut down apps so that they aren't running in the back ground. Also, I always hang the chest strap for my heart-rate monitor up so that it can dry out. I put the watch that goes with my heart-rate monitor in a safe place so it doesn't get damaged. And what do I get as thanks? Well, on a night where I needed all of the motivation I could get, my hear-rate monitor kept losing track of my heart and the app I use to track my run crashed a little over a half mile into my run.
    Almost Gave Up and Quit
Weren't you absolutely riveted by that glimpse of what goes on in my head while I'm running, that is while I'm running by myself. If I'm running with someone, I'm usually talking because I can't handle the silence and I'm working on my lungs... yea, that's it, lung capacity.

to the moon and back,

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  1. I'm glad someone else does this too! Too funny!