Friday, February 24, 2012

Running Update

Since I'm blogging, I thought I'd give you an update on my running progress. Yes, I have stuck with it. I know, hard to believe. I still can't believe that I have stuck with it this long. But you know what? I love it and I hate it all at the same time. It's hard, it hurts, sometimes it's disappointing, but I ALWAYS feel better after I run and that make it all worth while!

I started running at the end on December and 6 1/2 short weeks later, I ran 3.1 miles with out stopping! I never thought I would be able to say that! Granted since then I have only run that distance 2 more times with out stopping, but I did it. I'm elated.

There is no way I could have done it with out my hubby who "babysits" while I run, my friend Lacey who twists my arm and pushed me to go just a little further, my little boy who (when he sees me running) cheers me along "Come on mommy, you can do it!", my family who is always supportive with all of my crazy ideas and my God who renews my strength everyday. There have been many times, while running, that I'm asking God for strength and endurance and to heal my sore body.

I now that to some, 3.1 miles isn't that big of a deal (I mean, really, my hubby just ran a 10K last weekend with out stopping and averaged a 7:55 min/mile) but to me, it's a goal reached. I'm hoping for a 10K  by summer, but we will see.

I ran my first official 5K last weekend, the Palmer Healthy Heart Run Walk, I came in 27th out of 34 in my age group. It's not that great, but I am proud that I ran the majority of it and didn't die at the end! Overall, I came in 328th out of 519 people.The Hubby finished 4th in his age group and 65th out of 269. Lacey was a trooper and sacrificed her time to turn around an come get me so we could cross the finish line together so thanks to me, here numbers aren't accurate.

I do have to say that for my first race, it was much different than I thought and it was very intimidating. To have everyone start at the same time, and everyone start passing you at the same time and not really having any idea as to how you are actually doing. I'll admit it, that all got in my head and I didn't run anywhere near as good as I should have, but there is always the next race... I'll be running the Disney Tangled Royal 5k this Saturday.

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