Friday, December 6, 2013

Elf of the Shelf

I don't get it. Why is this thing everywhere you turn?

There are pictures on Facebook, pins on Pinterest with ideas for him and bloggers are blogging about him so fast that I can smell the smoke from their keyboards over here.

So what's the draw? Beats me. In fact, here are a few reasons why I don't and won't give in to the "Elf-mania".

  1. Because... hello... I don't want this staring at me:
  2. Because I have watched one too many scary movies in my day and that thing will surely come to life and kill you while you sleep.
  3. Because I don't understand why, if you are teaching kids to be nice and good by pretending to "spy" on them (which is apparently only important in December), why is said "Santa Operative" doing naughty things every night? Shouldn't he be being a better example? If it's "cool" for him to be naughty, isn't that what the kiddos are picking up on? But maybe I'm reading too much into it. (I realize they aren't all naughty, but most seem to be)
  4. Because he's uber creepy
  5. and most importantly,

    I mean, seriously, how do people have time for all of that?
With all that being said, I did see a friend who is using the elf to promote good with her kids. Every morning her "Elfie" is holding a note with a good deed for the kids to do. I do think that's a great idea, however, as I have stated before, I don't get passionate for much. So, Senor Elf, I have no time or passion for your antics.

to the moon and back,


  1. Now that is funny and I agree ... He will come alive and kill you while you are sleeping! LOL, 'Ain't Nobody Got Time Fo' Dat!'

  2. I wrote a post on the same topic! It's going up next week. I totally agree with you! (Great minds...)